Mitchell Funeral Home exists to help you deal with the death of a loved one. We believe every life, whether lived quietly or bigger than life itself, is unique and deserves to be honored. On our web site, you will find a listing of currently scheduled and recent services. We also offer information about who we are, how to find us and how to contact us. And for those who believe in planning ahead, there's information about prearranging funeral, cremation and interment services. Call us if we can assist.


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Gwen Washington
Viola and Family, Sorry for your loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Gwen,Fred and Tameka

Brian and Laurie Draves
He was the best buddy a guy could have. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

The Powers Family
Viola and Family, So very sorry for the loss, of Milton. I know your still in shock,may God be with you at this difficult time.CarmelPowers

Bo and Betty Waldrop
Vi,Marcus,Kia, and Nicci, There is so much love and kind thoughts from so many to you. love you guys Bo

Freddie Brown
The comfort of The Lord will sustain you Trust Him and He will comfort you. My prayers for you and your family

Charlene Bloom
Vi,Marcus,Nicci,and Kia, My Heart and prayers are with you. He will be greatly missed by many. He was a great guy! Love to all, Charlene

Yanicka "Nikki" Mcgee
May the Lord continiously keep you with his grace , mercy , strength and comfort; knowing that Daddy Kelly is resting with our Father , in heaven . Kelly Family , you are in our prayers . xoxo

Pat Towns
To everything there is a season, the word tells us. I pray for peace and comfort at this sorrowful time, knowing that the Lord is in every situation.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph (Brenda) Washington, Jr.
Viola May the almighty God sub-stain you during your time of grief. Remember the God we serve is a mighty God and he protect and shield you, cast ALL of your burdens on him and leave them there. Our heartfelt prayers are with you and your family during this very uncomfortable time. Milton was truly a bright star that shined in the east we will all miss him. Be strong and hold on to God's unchanging hands

Diana Smith
Viola and Family, Every soul is a unique and beautiful gift from God. Your loved one will always be remembered as a special blessing. May you be touched by the healing power of prayer, feel the warmth of those who love you and realize you have the courage to carry on. Whatever we face we're never alone. Trust in God for God take our sorrows and make them his own. It's faith that lifts us up, love that brings us comfort and strenght that allows us to move on. May the Lord lead you to a place of Peace. In deepest sympathy

Marvin and Sharen Williams
We miss him every day. Your family will always be in our hearts.

Gloria Smith
Vi and family you all are in my prayers during this time. I do apology for not attending. I am going to remember Milt. the way I have for years. I will miss him coming to 2nd fl. to say hello God Bless you and the family Gloria Smith-RCID Bldg. &Safety Dept. 03/15/2013

Mary Caldwell-Williams
Mrs. Viola Kelly and family; God makes no mistakes; you are in my thoughts and prayers always. I recently spoke with Milton two weeks ago. A Firefighter's Widow

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